Rabu, 4 Januari 2017

Winter Story


 1. Ice Skating- Ice Skating Ring, Yeouido Park.
Tak lengkap winter tanpa ice skating! 

2. Line Shop- U-Plex, Sinchon.
These friends make me feel younger.

3. Gosame- Sinchon
The best sotong masak sambal that you can bite in Seoul.

4. Solbing- Sinchon
The finest bingsu ever. You can even choked if the ice suddenly stuck at your throat. 
Winter + bingsu = double freezing!

5. Nami Island.
 An awkward smile-This will happen when your mouth is going to freeze under cold temperature but you still try to smile in front of your camera. Anyways I love the background. It's a frozen lake layered with light snow which fell two days ago.

Nami Island's hot spot. 

Just right! I promise to be okay~

Best place ever- Place where you can warm your freezing hand.

6.Uncles- Hongik University
One of the best tteokbokki in town! You can choose level of spiciness according to your taste. I really love spicy food but level 1 really works for me. Haha. Korean level of spiciness is soooo nose bleeding, I can't handle. 

7.Zoo Cafe- Hongik University

8. 계란빵 (roti telur)- Myeongdong
This Unnie knows a little bit Malay and she treats people so nice and we can't help ourselves from buying her bread + it's winter.  This warm and sweet 계란빵(gaeranppang) will leave you no regret. 2000won/bread. You can try to find another stall which offer maybe a bit lower price but this stall is the easiest to be found at Myeongdong.  

9. Yuganae- Myeongdong
Unnie and Oppa will cook this seafood fried rice in front of your eyes.

10. Namsan Tower.
These three friends is currently studying in Japan. Glad to be their tour guide in Seoul.

Couple bench.
Ili Nabilah . Ili Nabilah Mat Som
The very last moment before this girl turned 21. 

What a perfect view of Namsan!
Here are some useful tips:
1.You need to take the lower path and not the hilly one.
2. If you've missed this road while going up the hill, take the escalator down the building once you reached the peak(see picture below). This will lead you to the lower path that I just mentioned.

Amazing night view from Namsan peak.

Have a nice day!

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